Monday, February 23, 2009

All That Jazz

We've never had a problem with getting our son to sleep. He takes after his mother in that respect - I have a very good relationship with my pillow. But recently, he's been fighting sleep and refuses to be put in his crib.

We tried everything in the book. Fed him, changed him, bathed him, read to him, checked to make sure he didn't have a fever, rocked him, sat with him and eventually left him to cry it out. But he kept crying it out and we kept going back in to his room to check he was OK and that there was nothing we'd missed. By the time he'd eventually fall asleep in my arms, it would be 11.30pm.

My husband has an I-pod. I admit I've never owned one, but they're wonderful little gadgets! He has all kinds of music stored on it from R&B to Punk Rock. He also has a lot of Jazz.

Since it has now been two weeks since the three of us have had a decent night sleep, we thought we'd experiment with playing the little dude Jazz while he falls asleep. Normally when he hears music (he adores Beyonce) he looks around to see where the party's at. But the soft sounds of Miles Davis tinkling from the little gadget in the corner of his room send him drifting of to sleep very nicely!

Note to self: Never give up. There is always a solution to a problem, it's just that some take less time to work out than others.