Saturday, March 21, 2009

Growing Veg

I have been growing some herbs for a little while now. I get so excited when I see new seedlings appear. So when our family took a trip to the local 'Home Depot', I took a stroll through the garden center.

It felt like a candy store! All kinds of vegetable packets and grow kits lined the shelves and a variety of bulbs hung on stands. But what amazed me even more were the amount of people buying these little packets ready to take home and nurture.

My Husband and I would like to have a few veggies growing in the garden for a couple of reasons; to be more self-sufficient and to teach our son that food does not grow on shelves in a supermarket. We want him to have a healthy attitude to food and a good understanding of where it comes from. We want to do our bit for the environment and reduce our family's food miles.

So to see other families huddled around the seed section choosing which vegetables to grow, really made my day. I'm so glad to see kids learning about nature and being involved in where their food comes from. It's so important for kids to be out and about learning new things instead of being sat indoors watching television.

Spring is definitely here and I can't wait to tuck into my greens. I'm looking forward to Little Dude being able to enjoy them too - not just by eating them, but by watching the magic as they grow.

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