Friday, March 27, 2009

Play Time

Little Dude recently acquired a music table. It's one of those toys that drives you crazy after a while, but he really enjoys it. He prefers the buttons that play music than those that teach him the ABC. I don't blame him to be honest!

My husband and I have recently been discussing what to buy him for his 1st birthday. The subject of toy that he can push came up. I'm all for it, but can't help feeling a little disheartened. My little guy will be walking very soon and I'm totally unprepared.

The slightest hint of him growing and adding new skills to his repertoire sends me into emotional overdrive. Did I blink and miss a year? My husband doesn't understand it. He's so excited that Little Dude is becoming more interactive, I don't think he realises just how much I loved those first couple of months full to bursting with snuggles that didn't involve him trying to escape my arms. Don't get me wrong - if it is at all possible, I love my Little Man more than ever. I love watching him play, laugh and learn. But I miss that newborn feeling.

I never realised that my son turning one would have such a huge impact on me.

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