Thursday, January 15, 2009

Mr Independent

At lunch time today, I went through my usual routine of preparing Little Man's food, sitting him in his high chair and putting his bib on. I didn't however, bank on needing to wear protecting clothing myself.

I loaded his spoon with mushed up wholewheat pasta, broccoli and peppers. I was so close to getting the spoon near his mouth, when he decided that the only way he was going to eat was if he were going to feed himself. He clumsily snatched the spoon out of my hand and pureed pasta squished through the gaps in his fingers. Mmmmm. Appetizing. But he enjoyed his newly claimed independence and for the first time in two weeks, finished his meal. It was washed down by another newly grasped concept - the sippy cup. Two days ago, he finally got the hang of drinking from his cup, rather than pouring the juice everywhere.

This evening, he fed himself a bottle of formula.

It's amazing how quickly these developments occur, one minute he's completely dependent on me and the next he's exploring the world and it's many wonders on his own. It confuses me and bewilders me. But it also fills me with love and pride as I sit and watch my little boy grow up.

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Binky said...

It is something to behold, for sure. My son is the same way when it comes to feeding himself. And he grunts like a stuck pig if you don't let him do it. My daughter was never like that, so it's a whole new experience.