Saturday, January 24, 2009


I have two puppies whom I refer to as 'the beasts'. They are hilarious and highly mischievous. They are also my babies and I love them more than you will ever know.

Black Lab puppy sat in my yard the other day howling, growling, barking and snarling. This terrified me as I thought we had an intruder. I went out to see what was going on and noticed that he was going crazy at next door's driveway. I couldn't see anything and went back inside, trying to coax him into coming in with me. He wouldn't budge. His teeth were gleaming with fury in the cold, hard snow. I tried bribing him with treats, but he refused to come inside.

It took 2 hours before he stopped. My neighbour had returned home and stopped at the place where the puppy had seen his nemesis. It was a parcel that the mail man had left in the driveway as it was too icy to drive up to the house.

He finally gave in and came in for treats.

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